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Products and Services

  • Products


    We have a variety of receivables financing products to help your business realize its potential.

    • Receivables Funding

      Accounts Receivable Funding boosts your cash flow by providing an immediate advance of cash into your business against the value of your outstanding invoices
    • Non-Notification Factoring

      Non-notification factoring provides the benefits of receivables funding while allowing you to keep your source of funding and collections confidential.
    • Non-Recourse Factoring

      The process is similar to our receivables funding program; the only difference is Bibby Financial Services takes on the risk of non-payment, instead of you.
    • Export Receivables

      Our export finance service helps you develop your overseas business profitably and with confidence
    • Purchase Order Finance

      A Purchase Order Finance facility can complement an Account Receivable Funding facility. We can provide funds against confirmed orders or one-off sales to individual customers.
    • Staffing Finance

      Bibby Staffing Finance combines receivables funding, payroll management, invoicing and more to provide an excellent back office solution for staffing companies
    • Transportation Finance

      Our freight bill funding programs relieve the pressures of cashflow and time in running a trucking company
  • Sectors


    We work with over 4500 businesses globally. Listed below are just a few of the industries we assist.

    • Transportation

      Bibby Transportation Finance is dedicated to servicing trucking clients only, to make running your trucking company easier
    • Staffing

      Whether you're handling short, long or permanent placements, Bibby Staffing Finance could be the solution for you
    • Textiles

      See how Bibby Financial Services can "tailor" a solution for your textiles or apparel business
    • Manufacturing

      We work with many businesses that operate in the manufacturing sector and can offer many ways of helping your business grow
    • Government Vendors

      You're the winning bidder, but how are you going to fulfill the contract?
    • Printing

      We work with many printers and can offer many ways of helping your business grow
  • Solutions


    Whatever your business need, we have a flexible range of accounts receivable finance solutions.

    • Overseas Trading

      Export finance offers you a complete package to help you develop your overseas business profitably
    • Cash Flow Factoring

      Funding solutions that can convert your outstanding receivables and future collections into cash, right now
    • Accessing Funds

      Upfront funding for confirmed orders and an ongoing supply of cash against receivables
    • Late Payments

      By leaving us to collect outstanding payments you can get on and go after new business
    • KickStart

      Entrepreneurs often need help jump-starting a new business or getting your existing company moving again