In honor of National Truck Driver Appreciation Week


By Bibby Financial Services

16 Sep 2017

In honor of National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, we’re looking at how an electronic logging device (ELD) can increase drivers’ productivity & keep them safe

Transportation is an industry driven by innovation, which is how we have progressed in just 155 years from 10-day delivery by horse and rider to Amazon’s Prime Air drones employed to deliver packages within 30 minutes of order placement.  Innovation in trucking has also led to innumerable leaps forward in driver efficiency and safety over the years.  One such innovation is the electronic logging device (ELD), hardware that connects to a vehicle’s engine to record driving hours and allows drivers to print hours of service (HOS) logs when required.

The requirement to track and report driving hours is not a new one, but this new method is much more efficient and effortless than manually recording the information with paper and pencil, meaning time saved for drivers on the road.  A compliant driver who keeps up with his or her hours of service and obeys HOS regulations is also a safer one; statistics show that rested drivers have fewer wrecks than those who don’t spend enough time off the road.

In advance of the December 18th deadline for ELD Compliance set by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, carriers who have not already implemented an ELD solution should be well into the process of selecting one. It is important to choose a reputable ELD provider which offers compliant devices and back-end support.

As announced on September 8, Bibby Transportation Finance has added a free ELD solution to our transportation finance portfolio for new clients through a channel partnership with Transflo, a leading portfolio of software and business process automation for the transportation industry.  In addition to our fast, same-day funding and expert back-office support, BTF clients can now enjoy hassle-free compliance with ELD federal regulations – free.*

To learn more and get your free ELD, click here.

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