What A Year It's Been!

By Bibby Financial Services

20 Dec 2017

End of the Year Message from Ian Watson

Season's greetings from the BFS team. I hope you've had a wonderful year and are enjoying the holiday season.  I'd like to take this opportunity to reflect back on some of the highlights from 2017.


Supporting Business Growth in the U.S. and Canada


Over the past year, we have seen an increasing demand for funding from businesses across all of our products - Factoring, ABL and Transportation Finance.  To meet the needs of American businesses, we have grown our teams both in the U.S. and Canada and more specifically in the Midwest, Southwest and Montreal, Quebec.


In our efforts to make funding quicker and more easily available to our clients, we have re-organized our business bringing our Sales, Operations and Risk teams closer together.  With a Net Promoter Score of 59, meaning that 2 in 3 of our clients are happy to recommend us, our proudest achievement is providing our clients with world class customer service.


All of the above has enabled us to fund around $1B of our clients’ invoices, further underpinning our commitment to American businesses. Overall, we have accomplished much of what we set out to do and I’m very proud of the fact we’ve been able to fund even more companies this year than we did in 2016. Our Canadian and Transportation Finance teams have performed strongly and are on track to achieve their business plan goals.


Bibby Transportation Finance


Bibby Transportation Finance (BTF) in Nashville had a record-breaking year, funding and retaining more clients while keeping the quality and consistency of service we have become known for within the industry.


BTF introduced a new client portal powered by HubTran to improve the user experience for our transportation clients. The new portal simplifies the clients’ invoice submission process and helps automate administrative processes, which frees up more of our time to focus on our clients. We know and understand how the transportation industry is changing and are familiar with the needs of transportation companies, which will remain our key priority in 2018.


Giving Something Back


Volunteerism and charity contributions are a part of the fabric of our employee culture. Our employees donate or raise money for charitable organizations for a match, as well devoting time volunteering with charities.


From fundraisers for those affected by the hurricanes this summer to donate sports equipment, food and other supplies for those in less fortunate circumstances plus spending time with children at a local hospital, our team have been able to make a much-needed impact on their local communities.


Building Lasting Relationships with You


Finally, I’d like to thank you for taking the time to reconnect with the BFS team at various events throughout 2017.  Building lasting relationships with you is a key priority for BFS and we are excited at the opportunity to host you at our first for the year 2018 event in March in Los Angeles.


In a short time, together we have achieved more this year than we thought possible. If you haven’t had an opportunity to reconnect with our team, please reach out to us today.


We look forward to working with you serving American businesses in 2018.


Ian Watson | CEO North America

Bibby Financial Services (Holdings), Inc.

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