Custom-Tailored Financing for Small and Big Business


By Bibby Financial Services

28 Mar 2018

Is it really possible for businesses that encounter new opportunities and difficulties every day to have access to a financing service that understands their unique situation? In our fast-paced and ever-evolving business world, companies need financing solutions that are flexible and easily customized to their unique needs. Quick access to capital can make a crucial difference in your business’ ability to taking advantage of fleeting opportunities such as special pricing or a limited time offer from a supplier. Alternative lenders provide liquidity options that are more diverse and more customizable than traditional bank finance products. With options ranging from invoice financing or factoring to asset based lending (ABL), alternative lenders offer finance options tailored to your business.


Invoice finance improves cash flow within a business by unlocking cash held within invoices. These sorts of flexible business loans can provide funding for a range of business needs including working capital, asset purchase or business expansion plans. As business turnover increases, the working capital required to fund the business also increases. By utilizing an invoice finance solution, as the business grows so does the cash available to support additional working capital. Account receivable financing or factoring solutions help you free up working capital to keep your business running smoothly. Leveraging factoring is a common financing choice in many industries including apparel and wholesale/ distribution and ensures businesses have the cash flow needed to make inventory purchases when needed.

Asset based lending provides a wider subset of options to companies looking to secure higher funding facilities with an alternate lender. ABL includes accounts receivables financing but also encompasses inventory-based funding and other asset-secured lending options. Custom asset based lending programs can be created for any business, leveraging machinery/equipment, real estate, inventory and other assets to secure the flexible financing that your business needs. Asset based lending gives companies the ability to secure the funding needed to grow their business leveraging the assets they already have available.


Bibby Financial Services (BFS) offers dedicated cash flow solutions to different sectors. BFS’ approach is to work with clients individually to deliver financing their needs and in turn, delivers the liquidity and flexibility needed for businesses to succeed. BFS is committed to the success of your business and working to help your team achieve its goals, so contact us today to learn more.

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