Do you know how tax reform will impact your business funding needs?


By Bibby Financial Services

06 Mar 2018

“Will the tax reform law (H.R.1) passed in December affect my bottom line?”

“What changes in operations or funding will have to take place to ensure my business transitions into the new system smoothly?”

“Will the US economy improve because of the new tax law”

“Will my business funding ability be impacted by HR1?”

These are some of the questions that business owners across America are asking as they analyze the new tax reform law and try to understand what exactly it will mean for their business. As companies nationwide try to get a firm grasp on what exactly the new tax code means for them, Bibby Financial Services (BFS) is looking specifically at what executives think about tax reform and its effects.

At BFS, we want to know how businesses expect to be impacted so that we can have a greater understanding of the challenges and opportunities businesses may face. In our quick surveywe explore the expectations and views that small and medium businesses have of the effects of the tax law and the current economic climate on their operations. Understanding the risks, benefits and advantages of the new law is key to understanding the business environment going forward.

Everyone who participates in the survey will receive the report with the outcomes and will be entered into a drawing for one of five $200 Amazon gift cards. We value the collective knowledge of the business community and hope that you will take the time to share your insights.

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