Large Engine Metal Recycler Works Toward Debt Reduction and Improves Bottom Line with $7.25M ABL Revolving Credit Facility from Bibby Financial Services

ATLANTA, December 7, 2017

Bibby Financial Services (BFS) announced today it is providing a $7.25 million asset based revolving credit facility to a U.S.-based metal and aircraft engine processor and recycler. Composed of a line of credit, an equipment loan and a term loan against real estate, the ABL facility has already resulted in debt reduction by enabling the client to pay off an existing line of credit and term loans from its former bank. 

The company purchases scrap engines and breaks them down to individual metal components, including precious metals, to be used in the manufacturing of other products. Its large smelting furnace requires regular maintenance, which is costly, so it was critical that BFS was able to structure the asset based revolving credit facility with flexibility to accommodate the expense.

In addition to debt reduction, the increased working capital will facilitate the purchase of additional scrap materials for processing and additional support of operations. 

“Our client relationships are the most important we have, so we put great focus on understanding the client’s business and industry in the early stages,” said Ian Watson, CEO of Bibby Financial Services North America. “This company does business overseas as well as domestically, so another advantage we offered was credit insurance to secure against international debtor issues. As trusted advisors to our clients, we feel it’s our responsibility to ensure that we help them cover all the issues that can pose a challenge to their business.”

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7 December 2017

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