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12 July 2017

How to Handle the Stress of Owning a Business: Practical Tips for Common Challenges

In this post, we’ll take a look at stressors that impact business owners and how you can fix or avoid these problems and keep your business running. Read more

07 July 2017

Global Uncertainty Must Not Stall SME Ambitions

In his latest blog, David Postings, Global CEO of BFS, discusses geopolitical uncertainty and its impact on international trade amongst SMEs. Read more

09 June 2017

Small Business Financing: Evaluating Your Options

Evaluate which business financing options are right for your goals and which characteristics to search for in a good business loan company. Read more

30 May 2017

Small Business Financing: Know Your Options

Know all of your small business financing options. BFS uncovers the most popular alternatives to business loans. Read more

09 May 2017

Top 5 Features You Should Expect From a Transportation Factoring Company

Top 5 features to determine how to choose the right truck factoring company by seeing which one offers the best services to support your business's growth. Read more