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09 May 2017

Top 5 Features You Should Expect From a Transportation Factoring Company

Top 5 features to determine how to choose the right truck factoring company by seeing which one offers the best services to support your business's growth. Read more

03 May 2017

Lessons Learned from 3 Small Startups That Made it Big

In honor of Small Business Week, we’re taking a look at a few lessons one can learn from three very successful startups which all sought different forms of small business startup funding. Read more

01 May 2017

When Waiting 30-45 Days for Your Money Isn't an Option

Transportation and freight brokerage companies have many expenses including fuel, truck/trailer and equipment payments, insurance, maintenance, paying drivers, and other costs. As in any business venture, there are startup costs and costs to keep the business going. Read more

24 April 2017

IFA Factoring Conference 2017 in Review: Experts Speak on Fraud in Factoring

Practical takeaways from the “Fraud in Factoring” expert panel at the IFA Factoring Conference Read more

20 April 2017

Factoring and the Apparel Industry: Part 2

In part 1 of our series, we looked at how the apparel industry has changed and how the right kind of financing can make or break an apparel business. Now we’ll explore some of the reasons why apparel companies seek financial support from a factor like Bibby Financial Services instead of going to a bank. Read more