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Get funded fast on the road

Specifically designed for the owner-operator and small fleet owner on the go, the FreightCheck app puts you in control of your funding:

  • Upload and manage your funding directly from your phone no matter where you are
  • Access real-time information about your funding applications
  • Resolve applications quickly with Instant messaging with a FreightCheck representative
  • Download the FreightCheck app today and get your funding fast
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Your funding at your fingertips

  • Create new applications and upload load documents
  • Choose the loads you want to submit together on the same invoice
  • Select how you want to get funded

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Stay in control, any time anywhere

  • Access and review current and historical applications submitted through the app
  • Instant messaging with your FreightCheck representative helps you stay in control
  • Receive real-time feedback on applications to get funded faster
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Go paperless and save time

  • Enjoy the convenience of online funding without the hassle of keeping paper documents
  • Submitting delivery documents is as simple as taking a picture on your phone
  • Automated invoice creation and delivery