Asset Based Lending

What is Asset Based Lending (ABL)?

Asset based lending (ABL) is a flexible, fast way for businesses that are unable to access traditional bank financing to get necessary working capital. ABL enables companies in almost any industry to take on growth opportunities, put a turnaround plan into effect, purchase new equipment, or fund acquisitions.

ABL is a secured loan based on the value of your company’s assets, including your accounts receivable, inventory, machinery and equipment, and real estate. We work with prospective customers to tailor a solution to match your funding needs. When you work with Bibby Financial Services, you will have a collaborative and highly experienced team that understands your business. Because we are an international company with offices around the globe, we can finance foreign assets, where other lenders are unwilling to do so.


ABL can help your company

  • Finance Growth
  • Purchase new equipment and materials
  • Fund acquisitions
  • Prepare for seasonal demands
  • Take advantage of supplier discounts
  • Finance turnaround situations
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Your company's assets will help you generate the financing you need as we advance the funds against

accounts receivable

Accounts receivable:

up to 90% of your eligible invoices, including foreign A/R



up to 85% of net orderly liquidation value

Machinery equipment

Machinery and equipment:

up to 85% of net orderly liquidation value

Real estate

Real estate:

up to 75% of fair market value

asset based financing

Asset Based Financing is a good solution for your business if you are a:

  • Business trading with other businesses
  • Company with at least two years in business
  • Company that is unable to obtain traditional bank financing
  • Fast growing business where a bank loan is not the best solution
  • Business needing financing between $1M and $10M

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