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At Bibby Financial Services, we regularly conduct research to provider further insights into the business environment so that we can understand the current trends and issues that you’re facing.

This ranges from research into various sectors and on a wider scale our Global Business Monitor looks at the impact on SMBs in the USA and ten other countries. We share this research with you so you can compare how your own circumstances are to the general trends in the market

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what our research says

Insights from our Global Business Monitor

Our latest Global Business Monitor Report found that SMBs in the USA admit they’ve suffered from bad debt over the past year, while many struggle to collect payments from customers on time, stalling cash flow.

We found that over a quarter of SMBs do not receive payment within the standard 30 days expectations, putting pressure on business owners to manage the back office rather than concentrate on growing the business. 41 per cent cited collecting payments as their biggest challenge in managing cash flow.

We also found that 34 percent of SMBs say bad debt is affecting growth and profits for SMBs and 25 percent of SMBs are using external financing, up from last year.

usa market conditions

USA Market Conditions – Global Business Monitor

Overall, market sentiment and growth expectations are up, but businesses face several challenges, both now and over the next 12 months.

The two biggest current challenges for SMBs are government regulations (49%) and rising overheads/costs (48%), both of which are also the top challenges for the next 12 months.

In fact, businesses are almost evenly split on whether they view government policy as favorable (44%) or unfavorable (45%). Concerns about the outlook for the global economy, SMBs see expanding in the domestic market (21%) as their best business opportunity while only 3% see exporting as a growth opportunity.

These findings reflect the heavy domestic orientation of SMEs, with fewer than one in five currently exporting or importing.

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get paid on time

Get Paid On Time: How to Protect Your Business Against Late Payments

To address these challenges that SMBs are facing, we’ve published a guide, Get Paid On Time: How to Protect Your Business Against Late Payments, on how SMBs can find alternative ways to protect themselves from the impacts of unpaid invoices and outlining solutions SMBs can take to increase their cash flow.

The guide looks at how late payments impact your business and the cost of unpaid invoices in the SMB arena.

options for dealing with late payments

The Options For Dealing With Late Payments

The guide discusses the advantages and disadvantages of the three main options used by businesses dealing with late payments:

  1. Offering Prompt Payment Incentives
  2. Charging Interest on Late Payments
  3. Getting a Line of Credit from a Bank

    However, it also shows how Invoice Factoring can be a more viable alternative and the opportunities that it can provide as well as keeping your cash flow as healthy as possible.
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