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We understand the financial challenges faced by Carriers, Freight Brokers and Transportation Companies. The fact that you sometimes have to wait up to 30 to 60 days or even more to get paid really puts pressure on the business when you’ve other expenditure and investments you want to make. It can impact growth and minimize purchase options.

That’s why it makes good business sense to explore Transportation Finance options to help grow your business. Receiving immediate payment for your invoices takes away the pressure of slow payments, leaving you free to accelerate your business.

Not all funding offers are the same, so here at Bibby Financial Services, we’ve laid out what we offer. We know what matters most. Fast payment. Friendly experts. Flexible solutions that grow with you. And for those of you that want it, we take away time-consuming administration by providing you with back office support. Talk to us to find out more about what we can offer to help minimize slow payments.

Transportation - Why choose Bibby

Why choose Bibby Financial Services?

Bibby Financial Services has been offering factoring services for more than fifteen years in North America and even longer internationally, working with over 10,900 clients across 300 different sectors with a collective turnover in excess of $12.4 billion.

Our Transportation Factoring Solutions consist of a range of flexible products and services to provide cash when you need it, discounts on fuel and hotel offers, and back-end business support that allows you to spend more time developing your business, by seeking new customers and strengthening relations with your existing customer base.

Generating cash from outstanding invoices, with full back office support is a great choice for growing businesses. With Bibby Transportation Finance, you don’t need to wait to get access to cash your customers owe. It’s with you within 24 hours of an invoice being issued.

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Transportation - flexible funding solutions

Two flexible Transportation Factoring solutions

Bibby Financial Services offers flexible funding solutions that are designed around your business.

You might be new to transportation funding or be a seasoned operator running a fleet of trucks looking for a new finance partner. Whatever your reason, we’re happy to hear from you.

Our team will work with you to find the right solution for the needs of your business. We’re committed to providing friendly, knowledgeable customer service and fast turnaround times so you can keep on the road.


Bibby Transportation Finance

Bibby Transportation Finance is a flexible solution suitable for businesses with five or more trucks.

We work with owner-operators, small and medium size trucking companies, and freight brokers to keep America’s goods moving. This is a good option if you want flexible agreement terms, and to remain in control of invoicing your customers.

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transportation finance


FreightCheck is suitable for businesses running one to four trucks.

FreightCheck helps you get the cash flow you need when you need it. It’s a good option for those who want to outsource back-office administration and also for those not wanting a contract.

To help keep your business on the move so you can fund your invoices on the go, we also provide the FreightCheck App, which puts you in control of your funding.

You can access and review current and historical applications at the touch of a button and enjoy the convenience of online funding without the hassle of keeping paper documents.

Submitting delivery documents is as simple as taking a picture on your phone. For your peace of mind, we encrypt all critical information and no personal data is stored on your mobile device.

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Why our clients choose us

Why our clients choose us

Transportation Finance and FreightCheck are not just products but a valued service. That is why 86% of our clients agree we help them to achieve more and 88% of our clients value the speed of our service.

Talk to our specialist team to find out how we can support you or find out more about how we help our clients:

Crowder Trucking

Mid-KY Trucking LLC

At a Glance Bibby Transportation Finance and FreightCheck

Bibby Transportation Finance

  • You're a business with five or more trucks
  • You're a Freight Brokerage
  • You're a Young or Established Business
  • You want flexible agreement terms
  • You want to remain in control of invoicing customers


  • You're a business with one to four trucks
  • You want full back office support invoicing customers
  • You don't want a contract
  • You have a low volume of invoices

Transportation Factoring Experts

Transportation Factoring Experts

Our team of specialists have a detailed understanding of the transportation industry and enjoy helping businesses like you grow more profitable.

We take pride in getting to know our customers, so we can get a real feel for your business. Really understanding your business means we have better information to make more meaningful decisions. And we work fast. We could be handling your invoices within 48 hours of us connecting.

We hold memberships in the Commercial Finance Association, the International Factoring Association, and the Turnaround Management Association, so you can be assured we take your business as seriously as we take our business.

Contact us today to speak to one of our team.