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Transportation Funding

Why Transportation Funding offers you more

Transportation Funding or Factoring is a simple working capital solution for many growing businesses looking to free up cash tied up in invoices.

If you trade with other businesses, where invoicing is done in arrears, with payment terms up to 120 days of the invoice date, then our Transportation Funding Solutions could be a good option for growing your business.

Our solutions are designed to improve cash flow and support business growth by removing the cash flow issues caused by terms of payment. Unlike traditional types of credit, factoring is quick to set up; it's an efficient and effective form of financing that mirrors the growth of your company.

We offer flexible solutions for you whether you’re a Freight Broker, have one truck or more than five trucks.

How does it work?

Not having to wait for payment means you have access to your cash fast. In a nutshell, you’re selling your invoices to us, at a discount, so you can receive payment within 24 hours of invoicing your customer. It bridges the cash flow gap allowing you to better manage cash fluctuations in your business.

See the Benefits

  • You get the access to cash in 24 hours
  • You can focus on the day-to-day running of your business by spending your time finding, winning and retaining contracts, rather than focused on the paperwork
  • We can offer protection when your customer has a financial inability to pay
  • You can spend less time on administration

At a Glance

Bibby Transportation Finance and FreightCheck

Bibby Transportation Finance

  • You're a business with five or more trucks or a Freight Broker
  • You're a young or an established business
  • You want flexible agreement terms
  • You want to remain in control of invoicing customers


  • You're a business with one to four trucks
  • You want full back office support invoicing customers
  • You don't want a contract
  • You want peace of mind when your customers have financial inability to pay
  • You have a low volume of invoices

How FreightCheck works


Step 1:

Proof of delivery - send us your proof of delivery

Icon Percentage

Step 2:

Invoicing and funding - we take care of invoicing your customers and we advance up to 97% of the invoice value to you

freightcheck payment

Step 3:

Customer payment - after customer payment, you receive the remainder of the invoice value, minus any fees

How Bibby Transportation Finance works


Step 1:

Invoice - Invoice your customer and send us a copy of your invoices

receive payment

Step 2:

Receive funding - we advance up to 95% of invoice value to you

receive payment

Step 3:

Customer payment - after customer payment, you receive the remainder of the invoice value minus any fees