Transportation Funding and Accounts Receivable Management

Driver, equipment and fuel expenses cannot be ignored when you’re running a Trucking Company. That’s why, when you choose to come to us for Transportation Funding, we take away as much of the financial pressures as we can, so you can concentrate on what you do best – running your business. And we work fast, with the urgency you deserve, to keep you on the road.

You want to spend time getting new customers and keeping relationships going with existing customers. You don’t want to be spending hours on invoice and collections administration. That’s what we do.

When you speak to us, you’ll see we offer highly competitive terms aligned to your business. Our specialists understand the industry and want to help you increase profitability. You’re not a number to us. You’re a business that matters.

We handle all invoicing and collections

Our FreightCheck service for one to four trucks will handle all invoicing and collections, and we offer discounts on fuel and hotels too, so you can concentrate on keeping America’s goods moving.

Working with Bibby Transportation Finance means you spend less time on paperwork and more time on increasing profits.

You don’t have to wait on your customers paying you which means you have cash usually in under 24 hours, to pay your people, pay for fuel and continue to invest in your business.

At a Glance

  • Our FreightCheck service handles all invoicing and collections, meaning you have time to focus on growing your business
  • Bibby Transportation Finance – for businesses with 5 trucks or more – manages all collections
  • We offer fast funding so you can stay on the road
  • We offer flexible solutions and friendly specialists

  • We've organized discounts on fuel and hotel discounts too
  • You have a team working on your behalf
  • We can offer protection when your customers have a financial inability to pay

Two Truck Invoice Factoring solutions – Bibby Transportation Finance & FreightCheck

Our Bibby Transportation Finance solution is geared towards fleets of 5 or more trucks, and FreightCheck is designed for smaller businesses with between one and four trucks.

Our freight factoring offerings through Bibby Transportation Finance (BTF) and FreightCheck help you get the cash flow you need.

Our team works with you to find a flexible solution to match your specific business needs. Our solutions are not off-the-shelf. We listen to you and offer a personalized product that matches your need. Our service is friendly and fast so you can keep your truck or fleet on the road.

Our solutions offer

  • Same day funding
  • More time to run your business - Bibby Transportation Finance generates the invoices and provides collections

  • Fast flexible funding with no minimums and no long-term commitments
  • 24/7, 365 days a year online account access so you can keep in touch with real-time reports and account availability, meaning you remain in control of your business

bibby transportation finance

What is Bibby Transportation Finance?

Bibby Transportation Finance is geared towards fleets of five or more trucks and Freight Brokers.

Bibby Transportation Finance is specially designed for you if you’re a business with five or more trucks or Freight Brokers looking for flexibility and friendly financial expertise. We advance up to 95% of the invoice value to you

Our team will work with you to find the right solution to match your requirements. We’re committed to providing friendly customer service and fast turnaround times so you can keep your truck on the road.

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How Bibby Transportation Finance works


Step 1:

Invoice - Invoice your customer and send us a copy of your invoices

receive payment

Step 2:

Receive funding - we advance up to 95% of invoice value to you

receive payment

Step 3:

Customer payment - after customer payment, you receive the remainder of the invoice value minus any fees



FreightCheck is great if you run between one and four trucks. We offer you full back office support invoicing customers, meaning you can spend your precious time on boosting profitability rather than paper-pushing. There are no contracts to worry about.

You’ll have a low volume of invoices. And we can offer protection when your customers have a financial inability to pay.

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How FreightCheck works


Step 1:

Proof of delivery - send us your proof of delivery

receive payment

Step 2:

Invoicing and funding - we take care of invoicing your customers and we advance up to 97% of the invoice value to you

receive payment

Step 3:

Customer payment - after customer payment, you receive the remainder of the invoice value, minus any fees

Additional extras

We know what works, so we’ve arranged a whole load more besides our flexible financial solutions:

  • Fuel cards: you can select one or all from Comdata, Fleet One and EFS fuel cards
  • Fuel Discounts: Fuel discounts are accepted across the nation at over 1,500 truck stops with discounts of up to .20 cents per gallon, depending on the fuel stop
  • Comcheks: Comcheks are similar to money order, which allow you to receive funds fast
  • Free Load Board: You can identify loads by searching by destination or equipment type
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  • We offer FREE credit reports on Freight Brokers and Shippers
  • At your convenience – you can submit invoices electronically from anywhere you are
  • The FreightCheck App – helps you fund invoices on the go

FreightCheck App

Introducing our FreightCheck App

Specifically designed for the owner-operator and small fleet owner on the go, the FreightCheck App puts you in control of your funding. You can access and review current and historical applications at the touch of a button and enjoy the convenience of online funding without the hassle of keeping paper documents.

Submitting delivery documents is as simple as taking a picture on your phone. For your peace of mind, we encrypt all critical information and no personal data is stored on your mobile device.

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Benefits of using the FreightCheck App

  • Upload and manage your funding directly from your phone no matter where you are
  • Access real-time information about your funding applications
  • Create new applications and upload load documents
  • Choose the loads you want to submit together on the same invoice
Download the FreightCheck app

  • Select how you want to get funded
  • Receive real-time feedback on applications to get funded faster
  • Instant messaging with your account representative helps you stay in control
  • Automated invoice creation and delivery

why partner with bibby

Why partner with Bibby Financial Services?

Our team of specialists have a detailed understanding of the transportation industry and enjoy helping businesses like you grow more profitable. We take pride in getting to know our customers, so we can get a real feel for the business.

Really understanding your business means we have better information to make more meaningful decisions. And we work fast. We could be handling your invoices within hours of us connecting.

We hold memberships in the Commercial Finance Association, the International Factoring Association, and the Turnaround Management Association, so you can be assured we take your business as seriously as we take our business.

Contact a member of our team today for an informal chat. We really want to hear from you.