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Transportation Funding Solutions

We have a range of flexible products and services to provide cash when you need it, discounts on fuel and back-end business support that allows you to spend more time developing your business.

Generating cash from your outstanding invoices with full back office support from Bibby Financial Services, is a great choice for businesses looking to free up time from administration and get access to cash faster than the usual invoicing timeline. With Bibby Transportation Finance, you don’t need to wait to get access to cash your customers owe.

You might be new to Transportation Funding or be a seasoned operator running a fleet of trucks looking for a new finance partner. Whatever your reason, we’re happy to hear from you.


Bibby Transportation Finance or FreightCheck

Bibby Financial Services offers flexible funding solutions that are designed around your business. We offer Bibby Transportation Finance which is a flexible solution suitable for businesses with five or more trucks. Our FreightCheck solution is suitable for businesses running one to four trucks.

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What is Bibby Transportation Finance?

Bibby Transportation Finance works with owner-operators, small and medium size trucking companies, and freight brokers to keep America’s goods moving. Our freight factoring offerings through Bibby Transportation Finance (BTF) and FreightCheck help you get the cash flow you need. Our team will work with you to find the right solution to match your requirements. We’re committed to providing friendly customer service and fast turnaround times so you can keep your truck on the road.

We’ve been offering factoring services for more than fifteen years, working with over 10,400 clients across multiple sectors. We can also offer revolving lines of credit and term loans for equipment financing.

At a Glance Bibby Transportation Finance and FreightCheck

Bibby Transportation Finance

  • You're a business with five or more trucks
  • You're a Freight Brokerage
  • You're a Young or Established Business
  • You want flexible agreement terms
  • You want to remain in control of invoicing customers


  • You're a business with one to four trucks
  • You want full back office support invoicing customers
  • You don't want a contract
  • You want peace of mind when your customers have a financial inability to pay
  • You have a low volume of invoices

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