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Funding Services

We understand the pressures in cash flow and time in running a business. Often, overseas suppliers do not provide credit terms, with this in mind, we have developed products and services to support your business with flexible funding that can be used to support the business to deliver projects and contracts.

Avenir technologies

Avenir Technologies

Avenir Technologies develops high-tech commercial enterprise datacenter solutions and services clients such as government agencies and more.

brass key

Brass Key

Brass Key manufactures and provides highly sought-after goods such as home décor items, to large retail chains such as Costco, Walmart and Toys “R” Us.

AB staffing

AB Staffing Solutions

AB Staffing Solutions specializes in the temporary contracting of physicians, registered nurses and other allied health professionals across the United States.

Crowder Trucking

Crowder Trucking

The Franklin, TN native was drawn to the transportation industry because it promises a lifestyle outside the confines of an office and be your own boss.



In 2002, Bruce Constantine and Chris McLean started ESPRO, a Canadian coffee innovation company.

Rockstar sushi

Rockstar Sushi

Rockstar Sushi is a California-based apparel company that caters to high-end clientele and celebrities alike.