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August Accessories

Has a global reach and consistent shelf presence in boutiques and major retailers like Macy’s, Nordstrom and Bloomingdale’s.

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We turned to Bibby Financial Services during a time when banks were not lending, and when they did lend, it came with very strict regulations. Their support has been a big part of our success, and as we grow our business, we trust that they will be there for every step.

-Trent Valladares, August Accessories (Owner and CEO)

  • Product: Factoring
  • Location:  Oxnard, Ca
  • Industry:  Apparel Manufacturing


The Challenge

Privately-held apparel company August Accessories began as a Southern California startup up in 1990. When he was 18 years old, Trent Valladares and his brother-in-law Dan Maravilla began working at the family business founded by Valladares’ parents. The company was small at the time but gradually carved out a strong niche designing and distributing hats, accessories, scarves, watches and small leather goods. Twenty years later, August Accessories and its stronghold of licensed and proprietary brands have a global reach and consistent shelf presence in boutiques and major retailers like Macy’s, Nordstrom and Bloomingdale’s.

August Accessories saw potential to overcome a struggling market by getting creative, but the company needed working capital to bring its product lines to fruition. The company needed a financial partner who understood that opportunities still existed in an adapting economy and was comfortable supporting an entirely new product line.

With an established retail demand for its product lines, the leadership of August Accessories recognized an opportunity to innovate in the accessory market. In the early era of the iPod, the company saw technology as the new must-have accessory and designed novel product lines that merged personal tech devices with fashion accessories. However, the overall economy was unstable and banks were tightening their lending requirements. 
The Solution

Bibby Financial Services recognized the opportunities available to August Accessories as well as the quality of its major retail accounts. Through inventory financing and accounts receivable factoring, August Accessories gained access to working capital that ignited growth and the expansion of its apparel and accessory lines in a time of economic uncertainty.  

The Result

Access to consistent, reliable cash flow allowed August Accessories to bridge the gap between raising invoices and receiving payment. During its relationship with Bibby Financial Services, August Accessories has consistently expanded its presence and profitability within the fashion accessory markets. Additionally, Bibby Financial Services helped open the door for August Accessories to restructure and replace its licensed brands with its own proprietary brands by stabilizing the company’s cash flow.

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