Funding Other Industries

We serve small and medium-sized businesses in a wide range of industries. Our commercial finance team gets to know each client’s business from the inside out and structures a unique quick funding solution based on your specific need. We work with start-ups, companies in growth mode, companies going through mergers and acquisitions, and companies facing financial difficulties. We’re committed to providing you with the best insight, guidance, and business lending service.

We understand your needs

  • Quick funding needs
  • Cash flow to keep your business moving
  • A dedicated team that supports your business with high quality customer service

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The benefits to your company

  • Flexible funding that can increase as your business expands
  • Credit insurance if required
  • Access to funding that is not dependent on the size of your customer base
  • Confidentiality - No need to disclose our involvement
  • A funding partner with global expertise and office located in 14 countries
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When we meet with potential new business, we tell them that we have financial support from an international conglomerate. The relationship with Bibby Financial Services allows us to take on additional business much easier than it would be working with a traditional bank. Homeline, Shirish Mody (CEO)

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