funding staffing

Recruitment Finance

We have worked side-by-side with staffing companies for more than a decade. We understand that access to cash flow and time-consuming administration are challenges you routinely encounter. We believe staffing & hiring companies thrive when they are doing what they do best—building relationships and providing services.

We understand your needs

  • Finance your invoices to ensure you make payroll
  • Have the time to recruit talent
  • Have the capital to invest in technology

Our commitment to your business

Staffing funding


We’ll provide you with back office services—payroll, tax management and supplier payments

fast funding


We’ll give you the working capital you need within 48 hours of inquiry

business funding


Our funding solutions adapt and grow with your business

Your benefits

  • Funding options for temporary and/or permanent placements 
  • Confidentiality - no need to disclose our involvement
  • Up to 90% advance rate
  • Full back office support available for payroll, tax management and supplier payments
  • Credit insurance available

alternative lending

Asset Based Lending (ABL)

Tap into your company’s assets to generate the cash you require



Funding for your invoices and receivables management service

Transportation Finance

Transportation Finance

Flexible funding solutions to keep your trucks moving

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